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For those who have known me over the years, I have been involved in some rather exciting research and development to bring new solutions to the financial services market.  I’ve been fortunate to both work with a talented team of individuals at a number of places, and even more fortunate to have new opportunities to continue to work with the top talent in both the financial services business and product development arenas as well as excellent designers and software engineers to bring to life the sketchy ideas that can and do change the way we spend, save, shop, plan, and think.

While I have blogged for years on several different sites for personal life topics, this is my first WordPress blog and my first time committing the array of creative thought floating around in the groups of sharp minds and visionary leaders I have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis.  In thinking of a suitable name for my intentions for this blog, it really comes down to — what’s important in financial services?  With tumultuous economic times and brutal market forces that leave us in a precarious balance between high unemployment and a weak dollar world wide with inflation on the horizon, how can we as designers, developers, and implementers make a difference?

The difference is that our currency is our thoughts,  Truly, knowledge is our capital and sharing our thoughts and our solutions is what creates our mutual, long-term wealth.  Here’s to a good start!

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