In controlled environments, it’s useful to know when outbound connectivity is not restricted to a predefined list of required hosts, as many standards like PCI require.  Here’s a helpful one-liner that will query your Active Directory instance for computer accounts that are enabled, and then for each of them try to connect to a site from that machine, as orchestrated by WinRM.  If you use this script, just know that you will probably see a sea of errors for machines that connect be reached from your source host via WinRM.  My go-to site for testing non-secure HTTP is, but you could use anything target and port you desire based on what should not be allowed in your environment.  I have changed the snippet below to (which will not work) so I don’t spam the poor soul who runs, but you should replace that with or whatever host to which you wish to verify connectivity.

Invoke-Command -ComputerName (Get-ADComputer -Filter {Enabled -eq "True"}
 -Property Name,Enabled | foreach { $_.Name }) -ScriptBlock
 { Test-NetConnection -Port 80 "" | Select TcpTestSucceeded }

The output will be dropped into look something like this:

 TcpTestSucceeded PSComputerName RunspaceId 
 ---------------- -------------- ---------- 
             True YOUR-HOST-1    d5fd044c-c268-460e-a274-d3253adc8ce2 
             True YOUR-HOST-2    98206f71-80c1-4e7e-a467-fec489c542ee 
            False YOUR-HOST-3    d0b6cf57-e833-44a6-a7bb-aebd4d854b5c 
             True YOUR-HOST-4    14af618b-1ca7-4c1f-bb56-ce58dbd4af94

It’s a great sanity check before an audit or after major changes to your network architecture or security controls.  Enjoy!




PowerShell one-liner to find outbound connectivity via WinRM

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